ConcentArt e.V.

A Space for Projects and Exhibitions in Berlin Kreuzberg:

ConcentArt e.V.(a non-profit art association) was founded with the aim of promoting and realizing specific projects.

The association’s primary objective is to enable the cost-effective and concrete realization of projects. In addition, the thematic content implicit in these projects will be thematized, encouraging debate and discussion of the social and moral values and issues addressed by individual works.



In lieu of statutes


This art association does not see itself as a clearly delineated group of artists dedicated to the „canonization of its members and constitutive rituals.

We do see ourselves as a fundamentally open group, similar in ethnological terms to a pack of animals, where those artists who feel called upon to do so can place their creative forces under the banner of a given topic. The sum of their artistic questions and answers forms the bedrock of an exhibition.


Art should be a „plumbline“—a „seismic discipline“ when it comes to the diverse possibilities of expression inherent in the various media at its disposal. We are interested not so much in the „objectives“ pursued by our association or individual exhibitions, but more in the methodology selected for individual projects. .


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