27.01 - 26.02.2011 - International project 'SIGN & TIME'
In cooperation with “Transmediale 11” (www.transmediale.de)

Curator Georgi Begun

Cultural and social memory consists of signs and coding systems. The transformation of the signs over time (through the development of communication technology, computer science, etc.) and its transfer to another artificial milieu or medium, creates a new intercultural environment, offering a possibility for new and diverse interpretations. The works - cultural mutants or hybrids - are objects of immunization and deconstruction, dissolving the social and cultural canon. A game between the cultural archetypes and society develops, allowing for the permanent exchange between form and content.
In the project "Sign & Time", artists are analyzing the discrepancy between sign and content within the structure of existing cultural sign systems.


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6.11 - 26.12.2010 - NOT JUST THE BODY, BUT



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07 - 30.10.2010 – Erased Walls. Berlin

Curator Georgi Begun

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Screenings program of PAM - www.perpetualartmachine.com
Co-curators – Lee Wells, Raphaele Shirley
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Artists of the PAM Screening:
Josephin Boettger (Germany)
Bruno Muzzolini (Italy)
Evelin Stermitz (Slovenia)
George Barber (UK)
Heini Aho (Finland)
Iris Piers (Sweden)
Iva Radivojevic (Serbia)
Jason Archer (USA)
Katja Aglert (Sweden)
Maira Joao Salema(Portugal)
Rodney Dickson (USA)
Sebastian Ziegler (Germany)
Tim White‐Sobieski (USA)
Tomislav Brajnovic (Croatia)
Marija Vauda, Nicola Pilipovic (Serbia)

Screenings program of Ottica TV - www.ottica-tv.com
Co-curator – Paul Malone
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Artists of the Ottica TV screening:
Fabiola Faidiga(Italy)
Debra Fear (UK)
Gianluca Ferrari(Italy)
Eugenia Gortchakova (Russia)
Liz Harrison(UK)
Olga Koroleva(UK)
Paul Malone(UK)
Marlena Novak and Jay Alan Yim (Netherlands)
Marianna and Daniel O'Reilly(UK)
Nicola Rae(UK)
Steven Scott(UK)
Giorgio Tentolini(Italy)
Alyssa Ueno(UK)
Zoha Zokaei(Iran)
Gianluca Ferrari

Sreenings program „Time & Place“ of NCCA - www.ncca-spb.ru
Co-curator – Marina Koldobskaya
Artists of the screening:
1. Alexander Kitaev
2. Yuri Molodkovets
3. Miss Newspaper (Belles)
4. Elena Sukhoveeva and Victor Khmel
5. Vladimir Lilo
6. Vladislav Efimov
7. Nadezhda Kuznetsova
8. Dimitry Pilikin
9. Olga Florenskaya
10. Peter Belyi
11. Andrey Rudyev
12. Valery Ayzenberg
13. Andrey Kuzhetsov
14. Galina Ledentsova
15. Vladimir Bystrov
16. Evgeny Umansky
17. Alexander Terebenin
18. Nadezhda Anfalova

Short film festival at Free Museum Berlin, Gallery "Suomesta"

11.09.2010 – 30.10.2010 – Mediations Biennial. Poznan.


Artists represented ConcentArt e.V. at the Mediations Biennial – Project “Erased walls”
Curator Georgi Begun

Alterazione Video -www.alterazionivideo.com
Alexandra Dementieva - www.alexdementieva.org
Costantino Ciervo - www.ciervo.org
Democracia – Pablo Espana, Ivan Lopez - www.democracia.com.es
PSJM – Pablo San Jose Moreno, Cynthia Vera Perez - www.psjm.es
Don Ritter - www.aesthetic-machinery.com
Jan Peter E.R. Sonntag - www.sonarc-ion.de
Koen Theys - www.koentheys.org
Roland Schefferski

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I Play I 

an international project of the gallery Dam, Stuhltrager (New York)
February 26th - March 27th

Opening reception - February 26th - 19.00
Opening hours : wed - fr. 14 - 19, sat 12 - 16

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Reality now -internationales Projekt von ConcentArt e. V.

Curator Georgi Begun

January 22nd - February 18th.

Reality Now
Reality is an illusion and all thought should aim to tear off its mask. “ (Baudrillard)
Reality is closely linked to personal perception—to what we are or are not able to perceive.
There are too many realities in existence—social realities driven by financial crises, environmental issues, unemployment, our delusional need to control terror; media reality and the accumulated forces of impersonal information; internet reality; the subjective reality of each individual etc.
This concentration of realities has led to an inversion in the event-theory sequence. Instead of theories based on events we now have events based on theory.
ConcentArt’s current project „Reality Now“ has brought together an number of international artists to explore various aspects of reality. (Reality as fiction, and as represented fiction).

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Strictly Berlin

Oct. 8th - November 11th


SOS - Strategies of Survival

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Project „Borders“

June 4th - July 28th 2009

BORDERS  -  Edges, Frontiers, Frames
Borders  - Edges, Frontiers, Frames – stands for a wide, an unlimited, spectrum of concepts.
These concepts are symptomatic of our officially globalized world. Frontiers are being abolished; new, politically sanctioned frameworks are called for; fringe groups establish themselves on the edges of society. Borders may also stand for psychological phenomena (borderline syndrome), economic enterprises (cross border leasing), or geographic facts (state border). We live in an era of boundlessness, of dissolving boundaries, of boundary transgressions, of fringe or even of unframed existence. We contest the limits of perception, live within invisible frontiers, cross lines, and stand on the brink.
The Berlin-based art association “concentArt“ is planning an exhibition on the subject of borders with artists working in and with all genres, media, and associated forms of expression and representation.
Berlin 2008, „concentArt e.V.“ - Rolf Külz-Mackenzie

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Border Flyer




Project „(Im)Material Art“

Curator Georgi Begun

„November 2008 - January 2009

The following exhibition will deal with the material characteristics of art: literally—with reference to its materiality, substance and longevity, as well as metaphorically—with reference to issues such as marketing, ownership, exhibition, concealment, prohibition, destruction. Which aesthetics can—and should—be applied today to remove art from the sphere of the merely “outwardly attractive” without necessarily ending up in the realms of the quasi-religious?


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Project „Security“

Curator Georgi Begun

May - July 2008

Within the confines of what has become known sociologically as a “risk society” the term “security” has become a trans-national imperative. Does this premise of individual as well as collective social security have any meaning of its own—or has it been reduced merely to a rhetorical metaphor that functions as a counterpoint to the dynamics of risk?

Insecurity as a state of being that is fundamentally contemporary – what are its roots and causes?

The exhibition aims to combine a visual, artistic interpretation of the diverse implications inherent in the concept of security, from national political imperative (in itself a form of advertisement) to the various facets of its significance at an individual and local level. A related aspect, and one which provides a connection to the next project: Security defined as value or as currency? The question implies a rupture that becomes evident when art is viewed as a commodity: when the immaterial suddenly morphs into “secure” values (the precondition being that artists are successfully marketed during their lifetime, and die before they can undermine this marketing strategy).

Curator Georgi Begun

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